Amy Does Schwab

A short, looped animation featuring Amy balancing on a unicycle, bouncing a beach ball.

This represents my small tribute to that Amiga animation pioneer, Leo 'Bols Ewhac' Schwab. It was created with the «Disney Animation Studio» (major parts of which were programmed by Leo), «DeluxePaint 3», and «Animation Station». In case nobody guessed, it is a 'slight' parody of Leo's famous Dream Goes Berserk «VideoScape» anim. I hope he likes it.

Artist: © Eric W. Schwartz, 1991

Dimension: 320 x 200

Colors: 32

Frames: 18

Type: ANIM-5 + SLA (anim with audio)

ANIM version by Walter Randelshofer

Download ANIM:

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