James M. Robinson

Too Much 3-D, an Amiga Animation by James M. Robinson

Install the Java Plug-in to see the animation!

Too Much 3-D

This animation is Jim's entry to the 1989 «BADGE Killer Demo Contest», where it won 10th place.

This demo is a warning to those of you who spend too much time behind your computer monitors. (Believe me, I know!) The first time I experienced this I thought I had just discovered some new rendering mode in VideoScape. That was until I'd realized half the den had just been leveled! I mean hey, when it gets this rough it's time to take a break. Right?

«TOO MUCH 3-D» was created using (AEGIS) «MODELER 3-D», (ELECTRONIC ARTS) «DELUXE PAINT 2» and of course (AEGIS) «VIDEOSCAPE 3-D». This entire demo was rendered, compressed and written to disk in less than 2 hours (on a standard 2000 HD).

All of the modeling was done with Modeler 3-D. The wall paper was created using VideoScape and Modelers surface detailing features. Which allows the user to create many individual polygons and save then to a single parent polygon. Which the program will then recognize as just one polygon. (The volume names on the encyclopedias were done the same way.)

The scenes with the anim running in the monitor was done by rendering a frame (of the computer), saving it as an IFF picture and then re-loading it as an IFF foreground image in VideoScape. I then rendered an animation in the background (spaceship flying), with the monitor screen acting as a window, allowing me to see the anim running in the background.

Except for some of the modeling, this animation was put together in an evening.

© Walter Randelshofer. All rights reserved. Animations used under permission.