Fun with Rubik's Cube

Pretty Patterns

Rubik's Cube Pons AsinorumBrowse this huge collection of Pretty Patterns by Walter Randelshofer. It features more than 7,700 patterns for cube models with up to 7 layers such as the Pocket Cube, Rubik's Cube, Rubik's Revenge, Professor's Cube, V-Cube 6 and V-Cube 7, but also patterns for the Pyraminx, Master Pyraminx, Professor Pyraminx, Megaminx and the Gigaminx.

Most scripts are optimized for layer-turn metric (ltm), face-turn metric (ftm) and quarter-turn metric (qtm). Move counts which are optimal in a given metric are marked with an * asterisk.

Algorithms of high order cubes, tetrahedrons (Pyraminx) and dodecahedrons (Megaminx) are measured in block-turn metric (btm).

I would like to thank Tomas Rokicki for optimizing the Rubik's Cube scripts in ftm and qtm and Herbert Kocimeba for optimizing them in ltm. Many of the patterns for higher order cubes have been optimized with Super Cube Solver.

Per Kristen Fredlund contributed lots of amazing pattern ideas for all puzzle models with very short and highly innovative algorithms.

Superset ENG Notation

The Superset ENG notation (SSE) is a powerful notation for cube models of any size. The notation is based on the book 'Inside Rubik's Cube and Beyond' by Christoph Bandelow, 1982 Birkhäuser Verlag, Boston.

The SSE notation supports 90° and 180° twists of single layers, moves of grouped layers (block or deep moves) and slice moves. A whole cube can be rotated along its face axes, edge axes and corner axes. Permutation and orientation changes of individual cube parts can be specified using permutation cycles.

The notation supports the following high-level constructs: permutation, grouping, repetition, inversion, reflection, conjugation, commutation, rotation and single-line and multiple-line comments.

For more informations see the Superset ENG documentation or the notation descriptions in CubeTwister.

Virtual Cubes

Disassembled Rubik's CubeThis collection of Virtual Cubes demonstrate how the Rubik's Cube and a bunch of other cube models work.

You can rotate them, twist them, take them apart and put them together again! See how the individual parts of the cube are joint together and how they are affected by twists.

Rubik's Perpetual CalendarThe Rubik's perpetual calendar is a daily challenge. Virtual calendar cubes are available in nearly any language.

Animated Cubes are bringing them to life with precomputed or real time generated algorithms. Check out fantastic cubes like Analog Clock, Digital Clock, Clock & Calendar, Geo Cube with Google map, Nine Men's Morris.

The Animated Cubes and many of the Virtual Cubes have been developed in cooperation with André Boulouard.

Old Virtual Cube Pages

See also the old Virtual Cube pages which are available in the languages English, French and German.

Sticker Shops

Check out the sticker shops below if you like to play the Virtual Cubes for real:

Olivér Nagy's Sticker Shop

Olivér Nagy's Sticker Shop located in Budapest, Hungary offers printed sticker sets of many Virtual Cubes and is producing replacement stickers for the twisty puzzle of your choice (site language: English, Hungarian). located in St. Petersburg, Russia is also producing high quality stickers for any twisty puzzle and printed sticker sets of Virtual Cube designs (site language: Russian).

Algorithm Viewers

Script Applets

Display algorithms with the tools below:







When the page has opened, change the script in the address field of the browser, and press enter!


Twister allows to translate from SSE to TWIZZLE (WCA, SiGN) notation and vice versa. It supports a wide range of puzzles: Cubes (2 to 7 layers), Pyraminx (3 to 5 layers) plus the dodecahedrons Megaminx and Gigaminx. Please note, that Twister is still in very early state of development.

ACube Viewer

The ACube Viewer is a graphical tool to display the state of the cube described in Josef Jelinek's ACube notation.

NxNxN Cube Solvers

Super Cube Solver

Super Cube Solver by André Boulouard solves 2x2x2 thru 7x7x7 cubes from a scramble algorithm in SSE or WCA notation. In addition a powerful 'Orbit Solver' delivers short solutions for any orbit. This extended version finds shorter solutions by using more than 6 times larger databases.

Orbit Solver

Orbit Solver, the predecessor of 'Super Cube Solver', provides algorithms for NxNxN cubes within a chosen orbit. Cycles can be entered in form of permutations.

Algorithm Finders

Algorithm Picker

Algorithm Picker offers easy access to thousands of algorithms. These 7x7x7 algorithms are scalable and can be adapted to other NxNxN cubes.

Algorithm Finder Lite

Algorithm Finder Lite is an advanced on-line tool for NxNxN cubes to search for structured algorithms. It includes two distinct finders that can be used alternately.

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