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Spanish (Catalan) Calendar Cube

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Spanish (Catalan) Calendar Cube

This cube is a perpetual calendar. By twisting and rotating it, you can set it to today's date.

The weekday is located at the upper right or left. It is split into two parts. The day is shown in the middle row on the right or left. The month at the bottom is abbreviated into three characters.

The Spanish version was invented by Alfonso Pérez Arnal and introduced in the Spanish forum El Cubo de Rubik de la A a la Z.

Spanish (Catalan) weekdays

Catalan English
Lunes Monday
Martes Tuesday
Miércoles Wednesday
Jueves Thursday
Viernes Friday
Sábado Saturday
Domingo Sunday

Spanish (Catalan) months

Catalan English
ENEro January
FEBrero February
MARzo March
ABRil April
MAYo May
JUNio June
JULio July
AGOsto August
SEPtiembre September
OCTubre October
NOViembre November
DICiembre December
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