The Power of Positive Thinking, an Amiga Animation by ASDG Inc.

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The Power of Positive Thinking

A MorphPlus(TM) Film

Making TPOPT

This film was created entirely within ASDG's MorphPlus. MorphPlus is a stand-alone program which is compatible with all Art Department Professional(R) modules.

The entire film is based upon two static images, one each of George Washington from the one dollar bill, and Ulysses Grant from the fifty dollar bill. The scans were made on the EPSON GT-8000 using ASDG's EPSON ES-300C driver for ADPro/MorphPlus.

Using MorphPlus's matte making ability, all parts outside the oval of each past President were stripped away.

An ASDG artist then spent a few moments in front of the bathroom mirror to check on how the human face deforms as it blinks, grimmaces, concentrates, frowns, and smiles.

These motions were plotted in the morphing program of MorphPlus and, very quickly the individual segments of the film were created. Each segment was considered a 'still warp'.

MorphPlus's morphing program manages four types of projects. These are:

1. Moving Morphs: Two incoming streams of moving frames being merged to produce an output stream.

2. Still Morphs: Two incoming still images being merged to produce an output stream.

3. Moving Warps: One incoming stream of moving frames being deformed to produce an output stream.

4. Still Warps: One incoming still image being deformed to produce an output stream.

Two frames were then picked containing Washington and Grant both at the height of their concentration. These two stills were used to create a still morph showing the benefits of positive thinking.

Each component of the film now existed on a harddrive.

We used FRED as a non-linear editor to concatenate each component of the film into their final sequence. Then, using FRED, we adjusted the timing so that the whole animation had a natural flow.

We were assisted in our timing checks by previewing the animation directly in FRED.

Lastly, the entire sequence of frames were combined with the titles as they were crunched down to low res/interlaced 4 bit-plane images and saved directly to an ANIM file right from within MorphPlus.

Other MorphPlus Info

MorphPlus is a professional cinematic visual effects package. It is currently in use in television and cinematic productions, replacing high end systems running on various platforms.

For example, it has been used for several key scenes from the pilot TV movie Babylon 5. At the time of this writing (October 5th), MorphPlus has been used for two other motion pictures, and is in use on several television shows.

Other companies providing morphing software on the Amiga are apt to make wild claims about this or that, and rather than reduce our product to that level, we provide a more important measure of our product: the opinions of noted experts in the field.

«The user interface on MorphPlus is one of the easiest I've seen. Setting up a morph is very fast and rendering it is equally as fast. I feel that this program is on par with other programs like those from PDI and ILM.»

Peter W. Moyer
Vice President/Post Production
The Post Group

The Post Group is the largest privately held post production facility in the world.

«It's scarily realistic. MorphPlus produces the most realistic shape shifting special effects I have ever seen on a desktop. MorphPlys was the perfect solution to create the complex morphing sequences that Babylon 5 required.»

Mark Swain, Animator
Foundation Imaging

Foundation Imaging are the creators of the special effects for Babylon 5.

Many of the advanced features found in MorphPlus (and available nowhere else) are present due to input from visual effects experts. Our product is designed for (and partly by) professionals in the industry. As a result, we believe our product will produce the best results with the least effort in any production environment.

Keep in mind that MorphPlus offers more than morphing. Every effect performed by MorphPlus is performed at cinematic quality levels and is controlled by a intuitive WYSIWYG user interface.

MorphPlus is a trademark of ASDG Incorporated. Art Department Professional is a registered trademark of ASDG Incorporated.

© Walter Randelshofer. All rights reserved. Animations used under permission.