Craig Collins

Last Stand on Hoth, an Amiga Animation by Craig Collins

Install the Java Plug-in to see the animation!

Last Stand on Hoth

At the end of the Hoth sequence in the epic 'The Empire strikes back', I used to wonder what happened to the ATAT walkers and the Snowspeeders on the planets surface after the Rebel generators had been blown. This animation is my conclusion of what happened. I figured once the Rebel transports had left, the ion cannon could be used for better purposes!

Originally this anim was to feature exstensive sampled sound and speech but due to my lack of experience with sonics I quickly realised that samples eat up chip ram VERY quickly! This version has no sound at all and only a few frames have been trimmed for it to fit in 3 meg.

The sonic version uses Deluxe Video 3, and though it takes up the same amount of disks, it requires about 8 meg of ram! Nope, I don't understand it either. Still, this version will be entered into the Pixel Art Roma Expo 1993 this October.

My next animation will be bigger (4 or 5 meg) and will feature some very nice cars. The entire thing is based around the CD-32 console!?

(Craig Collins)

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