The Anti-Lemmin' Demo
An entertaining animation of those cute little Lemmings doing what they do best. A rather nasty parody on that great game company Psygnosis' great game, «Lemmings».
This animation is one I take great pride in. I'm not sure why, possibly because I spent a lot more time on the still graphics, but in any case I think it's one of my best for overall looks, humor, timing, and cinematic nature. (I hope I know what's good, I came out with some real turkeys through trial and error).

Creator: © Eric W. Schwartz, 1991
Dimension: 352 x 240
Colors: 32 (169 palettes)
Frames: 1'075
Type: ANIM-5 + SLA (anim with audio)

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© 1999 Daniel Mealha Cabrita
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