Bait Masking
It's fishing time, but here even the bait is scaring the fish away ...
Here's one of those simple ones. This one actually happens to be a remake of a similar animation I did on the Macintosh (Boo!) to promote Gold Disk's «Animation Works» software, which is basically an expanded and improved version of the «MovieSetter» program I use on the Amiga. I have written to Gold Disk, asking them to port the software to the Amiga, as MovieSetter is looking a bit dated now and an AGA compatible program like MovieSetter or Animation Works would be welcome.

Creator: © Eric W. Schwartz, 1991, 1993
Dimension: 352 x 240
Colors: 32 (109 palettes)
Frames: 487
Type: ANIM-5 + SLA (anim with audio)

MovieSetter file converted with SET2ANIM 0.4
© 1999 Daniel Mealha Cabrita
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