Eric W. Schwartz

Gulf Conflict, an Amiga Animation by Eric W. Schwartz

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Gulf Conflict

Enter Stealth Fighter, exit evil megalomaniac (allegedly) ...

All during the war with Iraq, various people kept asking me to do an animation concerning the event. It may be a little late, but here it is. Gulf Conflict was created with the aid of such things as DeluxePaint 3, Imagine, Disney Animation Studio, the AProDraw and Tablet, Draw 4D Pro (on loan from Merical Computers), The Art Department, and the ever-present MovieSetter. The anim's visual style is heavily inspired by the Planetside CDTV demo by Psygnosis (sorry, no super-fast fractal scapes here tho'). One thing I would fix if I had to do it over again are the ugly palette shifts between some scenes. Those were all my fault, as my palettes were all wildly different when they didn't need to be.

© Walter Randelshofer. All rights reserved. Animations used under permission.