Eric W. Schwartz

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Only Amiga

25th Anniversary Animated Tribute by Eric Schwartz, IN COLOR!

The computer characters from my Still Alive video return in tribute to a quarter-century of the Amiga system, and a quarter-century of the visual works created with its help. I hope you enjoy it at least a fraction as much as I enjoyed making it.

(Eric W. Schwartz, November 22, 2010)


Amiga Flight (1989)
Amy Walks (1989) by Eric Schwartz
Babylon 5: Midnight on The Firing Line, © 1994 Warner Bros., Animation by Foundation Imaging
Bait Masking (1993) by Eric Schwartz
The Dream Goes Berserk (1987) by Leo Schwab
Frog Swings (1989) by Brian Williams
Strike Any Key to Continue, with Donald Duck, © 1990 Walt Disney Productions
The Juggler (1986) by Eric Graham
Kahnankas (1987) by Ken Offer
Morphy The Magic Man (1994) by Eric Schwartz
Rocker (1987) by Eric Graham
The Run (1989) by Tobias Richter
Stealthy Maneuver 2 (1990) by Eric Schwartz
Still Alive, a Tribute to The Amiga (2008) by Eric Schwartz
Sun Jets (1993) by Craig Collins
Too Much 3D (1989) by James Robinson
Upgrade (1990) by Dr. Gandalf, aka Eric Fleischer
Walker Demo 1 (1988) by Brian Williams and Imaginetics
Walker Demo 2 (1988) by Brian Williams and Imaginetics

© Walter Randelshofer. All rights reserved. Animations used under permission.