Plight of The Artist
The plight of the artist, featuring Sabrina.
The intent of this animated short was to determine the absolute top end of what is possible using the «MovieSetter» animation software, my standard for long story animation since 1989. That said, this is meant to be a no-compromise, full animation effort. From the outside, it may seem to not be such, especially since it clocks in at about 3 minutes 20 seconds compared to Quality Time's length of over six minutes, and «Plight» doesn't even use the overscan area, but its specs are impressive, at least in writing, anyway.
– Full character animation drawn on paper, scanned, painted in «Brilliance», and reduced/antialiased with «ADPro» and «Anim Workshop».
– Backgrounds created as 24-bit originals (and reduced to a limited 32-color palette, UGH!)
– Additional 3D background art and spot animation created in «Lightwave 3D» (You'll know it when you see it)
– Lots of sound and spot music effects, including a several good things digitized specifically for this animation.
The character of Sabrina is not a new character, though many who see this will believe it so. Sabrina has been around since 1993, and has not appeared in animation previously, staying primarily in print. She did make an appearance in The Girls of E.S. Productions multimedia demo, and a little bit more can be learned about her character there.
Additional Credits:
Musical clips utilized from title and soundtrack musics by JellyBean / Reflect / SoundVision, Carter Burwell, Joel Hodgson, & Josh Weinstein.
Babylon 5 Lightwave objects created by Dean A. Scott and Planet Z Graphics.
I hope you enjoy this animation as much as I went through HELL making it. (Bear in mind that doesn't necessarily mean I didn't enjoy the work.)

Creator: © Eric W. Schwartz, 1995
Dimension: 320 x 200
Colors: 32 (424 palettes)
Frames: 2'174
Type: ANIM-5 + SLA (anim with audio)

MovieSetter file converted with SET2ANIM 0.4
© 1999 Daniel Mealha Cabrita
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