Eric W. Schwartz

Snowbound: A Flip The Frog Cartoon

Flip and his girlfriend Clarisse Cat in the snow.

This animation was created by scanning animation on paper and reconfiguring that animation to MovieSetter form. The intent was to determine the best possible from MovieSetter animations. The main difficulty was the animation's story was too large for it to fit efficiently in memory (It would likely require 18 megs or more to hold it in its complete form). Also, the animation playback was not as efficient as I had anticipated. Later on, I produced the animation Plight of the Artist with Sabrina – as a better testament to show the full potential of MovieSetter animation. With luck, I will produce animations to tell the rest of the Flip the Frog «SnowBound» story in the future.

© Walter Randelshofer. All rights reserved. Animations used under permission.