A short, looped animation of Amy walking along.
For no particular reason I am issuing this re-release of the Absolute FIRST Amy the Squirrel animation - Amy Walks. I think you might find this interesting for its oldness value if nothing else. I'm amazed myself at how much Amy has changed over 3 years (She's ditched that top for one thing). For whatever worth they may provide there are four versions of this animation:
Amy_Walks - the original.
Walk - the «Pencil Test» (the B/W digitized stuff that I started with)
Sidewalk - the moving background, standard perspective movement
Amy_with Music - the original – With Music! (Duh..)

Creator: © Eric W. Schwartz, 1989
Dimension: 320 x 200
Colors: 16
Frames: 24
Type: ANIM-5

ANIM version by Walter Randelshofer
Download ANIM: walk.anim.zip
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