Marvin Landis

Going in Circles

This is my first animation starring Amiguy, a Sculpt-3D object I created for doing some experimenting with 3D character animation. This was designed solely as a test to see if semi-realistic character movement could be achieved using Amiguy, and to take a complete look at the recently finished head.

Feb. 1993 Notes

This animation was created using 8 scenes that had Amiguy take 1 complete step during those 8 scenes. Then the scripting ability of Sculpt-3D was used to reposition Amiguy and create the entire animation. I was VERY surprised that this test worked out as well as it did, since this was my first test to see if joints like GI Joe (spheres) could be used to move all of Amiguy's limbs realistically. Of course I always joked that Amiguy sure had a very stiff walk, but that if I had a crotch like he did (check out the rear view as Amiguy is walking away from the camera), I would probably walk the same way!

(Marvin Landis)

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