Marvin Landis

Late Night Boing Throws

Here is the newest Amiguy movie. This animation was created entirely with Sculpt-3D and touch-up work thrown in by Digi-Paint. This 50 frame animation took approximately 325 hours for Sculpt to generate (I need a 68020/68881 desperately), but was definitely worth the wait.

I designed this animation with BBS downloaders in mind, so I wanted to keep the movie size to a minimum. However, I never imagined I would end up with a 50 frame HAM animation that would run on 512 K machines. Total file size is 200,000 and I have succesfully tested it on a 512 K machine running Workbench (nothing else was running in the background though).

Feb. 1993 Notes

Rendering time on a 68000 cpu was not one of Sculpt-3D's strengths. Of course it also did not have keyframe animation capability at the time, so every frame for this animation was created manually.

The ReadMe file for BThrowsIII mentions that there was actually 2 different releases of the movie version of BoingThrows: a version where Amiguy never missed, and a version where he missed every 37th shot. I'll let you figure out which version this one is.

(Marvin Landis)

Marvins original version featured sound.

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