Marvin Landis


Amiguy has returned to the basketball court. Because of the popularity of BoingThrows, Amiguy has picked up the BoingBall again after taking some lessons from Julius Erving (Doctor J).

This animation is a 60 frame animation created with SculptAnimate-4D. 21 of the frames are keyframes, and the tweening ability of SculptAnimate was used to create the other 39 frames. I now own a Commodore 68020 card, so with it and SculptAnimate-4D, each frame rendered in approximately 40 minutes. (Compare that to the 10 hours per frame of BoingThrows using the original Sculpt-3D and an Amiga 1000 with a 68000 processor).

Feb. 1993 Notes

Not much to add here. This was my last Amiguy animation, since about this time Byte by Byte was beginning to market the Mac version of Sculpt-Animate and no longer upgrading the Amiga version. Much better renderers had become available for the Amiga, but I was still sad to see the support for the Sculpt series end, as I still liked the modelling interface better than any other rendering package.

(Marvin Landis)

Marvins original version featured sound.

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