Marvin Landis


This animation was created with Sculpt-Animate 3D and finally rendered in photo mode with Sculpt-Animate 4D. It is a 229 frame animation that requires a minimum 1 MB Amiga.

The Gymnast has a long history. It was the project I decided to work on after the BoingThrows animation. The original version of this anim had 500 frames and ran at 30 frames per second. You may have seen the wireframe version of the anim on PeopleLink or on Byte by Byte's Demo tape. However the rendering time on my stock B2000 was over 9 hours a frame if I wanted photo mode with shadows. Needless to say, I did not even want to attempt this on my machine, and several owners of more powerful machines (a 68020 and a 68030) offered to render it, but even those attempts failed to produce an animation (500 frames still takes a long time no matter what machine you use).

So I reduced the length of the animation to 229 frames, and now it runs at 15 frames per second. I also decided to try a new dismount since many people commented the wireframe dismount did not look humanly possible (I can't believe how hard it is for me to convince people that Amiguy is NOT human :-). And with the new faster rendering in Sculpt-Animate 4D this entire animation was finally rendered entirely on my machine at just about 1 hour and 15 minutes a frame. Its obviously not as smooth as the wireframe, but sufficient for a RAM animation.

One last note, this animation does include sound, however I have never professed to being an audio expert (actually I would say I'm not even a novice). I included the sounds for fun, if you don't like my creaky high bar you have the option of turning down the volume or replacing the sounds with ones of your own choosing.

Feb. 1993 Notes

This was my first attempt at using the new keyframe/tweening capability of Sculpt-Animate 3D. The linear tweening it employed caused some problems, since this animation contained so many circular movements, but it sure was better than having to create all the frames manually.

At the time I created this animation, I still had a stock Amiga 2000 with the 68000 cpu. Rendering time was not as bad as BoingThrows, but the animation had 10 times as many frames. There was actually NO WAY I was going to render the entire original animation on my machine. Luckily I added a 68020 a few months later, and by reducing the number of frames, I was finally able to complete the animation. I never took on another animation of this length again.

(Marvin Landis)

Marvins original version featured sound.

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