Marvin Landis

Wire Gymnast

This is a wireframe animation of Amiguy and the new sport he has been practicing.

I had to animate Amiguy again so I could try out the Animate-3D keyframe animation capabilities. This entire animation was created using just keyframes, it did not lend itself well to paths and hierarchical motions (although give me a few animations to experiment with paths and maybe Amiguy will eventually use them). This animation is 500 frames long and a little over 125 of them are keyframe scenes (I finally lost count and haven't bothered to recount them). It runs at 30 frames per second thanks to Animate's 'tweening' capability, otherwise I would never have posed Amiguy for 500 frames.

Yes, I wish this was a HAM animation instead of a wireframe, but the final animation is intended to be recorded with a single frame recorder, so I did not try to keep it short. I will be doing a version of this animation that will run at half the speed and contain only 250 frames, maybe that will result in a reasonable sized HAM animation. Of course, at 4 hours a frame in Photo mode, plus compression time, that turns out to be ... how many weeks?!!!!!!? Hope you like the animation, personally I think even the wireframe is better than BThrows, let me know what you think.

Feb. 1993 Notes

The most comments I got about this animation was that the dismount did not look humanly possible. So, the final rendered version has a completely different dismount. I never completely rendered this 500 frame animation on my Amiga, only the 250 frame version ever made it to completion. However when Byte by Byte provided me with a version of Sculpt 4D on the Macintosh, I did bring all the keyframe scenes from this 500 frame version to the Mac, replaced the old dismount with the new one, and created a new gymnasium background. So Amiguy did make a brief appearance in the Macintosh world, and the fully rendered 500 frame animation only exists there (albeit in 320x200 QuickTime format, YUCCKKK!!!).

(Marvin Landis)

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