This fantastic animation created by Ex-Disney animator Heidi Turnipseed shows a fairy, drinking water from a pool. The smoothness of animation and the attention to detail is just incredible. The 'Photon Video Cel Animator' package actually allows to save an .ord (Order File) along with the animation. This additional file defines in which order the frames have to be played back. The file also holds the animation play back rate, individual frame delays, and/or the frame by frame location of any sound effects or dialogue phonemes. In the case of the 'Angel' animation the final result will give a longer and even better animation then this source file.

Heidi Turnipseed has worked for Disney Studios and Don Bluth Productions, she also created demo animations for Deluxe Paint and Photon Paint and did the art work of several Amiga games.

Demo from Photon Video Cel Animator 1.0 by James G. Donaldson
Program disk: James G. Donaldson
Art & tutorial disks: Tom Miller and Heidi Turnipseed
Suggestions & ideas: Heidi Turnipseed, Sandy Wardak and Bob Shaw
Manual written by: Heidi Turnipseed
Packaging, layout & manual design: Artisans Advertising
Copyright (c) 1988 MicroIllusions, Granada Hills, CA

© Walter Randelshofer. All rights reserved. Animations used under permission.