Horse & Rider

Ex-Disney animator Heidi Turnipseed drew this scene on an Amiga computer: «On my original pencil test of the galloping horse, I first drew just the horse and next added the rider with no costuming. Then I added the Viking costuming on a third level.» Since Heidi saved each version separately she now has A. a galloping horse, B. a galloping horse with a generic muscular male rider, and C. a Viking riding his animated steed. Once Heidi is satisfied with the movement of the character in the pencil test, all that remains is to color it in and add scenery. She can color the pencil drawings that are already digitized and doesn't have to do them again, like she did in traditional animation.

(Excerpts form the article 'Heidi Turnipseed, the Amiga's Disney Animator', by Ben and Jean Means, published in the September 1989 issue of the 'Commodore Magazine')

Heidi Turnipseed has worked for Disney Studios and Don Bluth Productions, she also created demo animations for Deluxe Paint and Photon Paint and did the art work of several Amiga games.

Demo from Photon Video Cel Animator 1.0 by James G. Donaldson
Program disk: James G. Donaldson
Art & tutorial disks: Tom Miller and Heidi Turnipseed
Suggestions & ideas: Heidi Turnipseed, Sandy Wardak and Bob Shaw
Manual written by: Heidi Turnipseed
Packaging, layout & manual design: Artisans Advertising
Copyright (c) 1988 MicroIllusions, Granada Hills, CA

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