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Frozen in Splines, an Amiga Animation by Nova Design Inc.

Install the Java Plug-in to see the animation!

Frozen in Splines

You probably have seen in movies like Matrix effects where actors or props freeze momentarily, while the camera rotates or pans. This is called the «Frozen in Time» effect, and is normally achieved with multiple cameras, but can also be done with an Amiga using Aladdin 4D.

To enliven the scene I used a simplifyed Poser Model. In this animation for a tutorial project a fountain of sparks spring from the statue's hand. When suddenly the sparks are suspended in mid air, frozen in time, the camera is rotating 180 degrees, to view the action from the back. Then the fountain blossoms into motion again.

To control the fountain and the camera's motion I set up splines and used Aladdin's particle system to create the sparks.

The animation was rendered with Aladdin 4D to individual IFF 24 bit pictures and compiled with ImageFX 3.3.

(Excerpts from a Nova Design Aladdin 4D newsletter by Dave Matthews. Used with permission.)

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