>Lemmings Test Animation, an Amiga Animation by Psygnosis

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Lemmings Test Animation

This 'test' anim created by Mike Dailly and Gary Timmons inspired DMA Design to develop the highly successful game «Lemmings».

While Scott Johnson was drawing little men in a 16 x 16 box for a game called «Walker», Mike Dailly maintained they could be done in less, 8 x 8 he thought. So he set about trying to prove him wrong. Mike did a small anim with some men at the bottom, a gun, and a 10 ton weight. Gary Timmons, then added the mouth, the hand and the spinny thing. Gary's almost complete Lemming, just right of the mouth, is clearly the one that was later used in the game.

A first demo with Lemmings walking over a landscape was shown to Psygnosis in late September of 1989 at the PCW show. Because of the PC EGA palette it looked much nicer to have Lemmings with green hair instead of blue!

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