Thomas R. Grant

The Bike, an Amiga Animation by Thomas R. Grant

Install the Java Plug-in to see the animation!

The Bike

I wanted to do an animation using a bike and then making it travel down a road with everything moving. It wasn't until I saw the picture of a bike in PenPal that I was satisfied with the results I wanted. At first I tried to draw the bike free hand, my attempts were not as good as I expected. I couldn't quite get the bike to look the way I wanted. Though the basic ideas were good, it needed some professional touches. Thats why I like the Amiga and its IFF format you can import almost any picture you like, then change it to your own configuration.

(Thomas R. Grant)

This was the final stage of a tutorial that helped through the different stages of putting this animation together. It showed painting techniques with brushes and anim.brushes in Deluxe Paint III. The main pictures in the tutorial are from PenPal & Aegis Art Pack. The background, drawn by famous Amiga artist Jim Sachs, was originally in NTSC mode, this meant that it only filled three quarters of the PAL mode screen selected for the animation.

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