Tobias Richter

Enterprise Launch

Tobias Richter about those early days when he started as a 3d artist: «Those days were pretty cool because every month there was some new tool or feature that couldn't be done before. When I started on my first Amiga 1000, ray tracing was something that the big machines like Cray could do, but not this little computer. The basic artist software back then was Dpaint, painting pictures pixel by pixel with a limited palette and resolution. Two years later I got my first animation program called VideoScape. This was Allen Hastings first 3D program and later evolved into Lightwave. It could only shade polygons in single color, no shadows, and no textures. Models were limited to 1000 points and had to be modeled using a text editor! But boy was that exciting! My first Enterprise had that 1000 points and it was great to have her fly by the camera. Then there were ray tracing programs like Sculpt 3D, but those could do only pictures and no animation. A few months later, a new version or another program was out and now they could also animate stuff. So things evolved very fast in that period and I was lucky to be a small part of it.» (from an interview with Sci-Fi 3D)

This short clip features six animations from Tobias Richter.

© Walter Randelshofer. All rights reserved. Animations used under permission.