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Boot Picture

I was getting tired of staring at a black screen when my A1 is booting, and LoadWB would make the display flash with the light gray color of the screen background before switching to my black wbpattern image.

So I decided to use a boot picture and have it close after LoadWB. I tried various methods, yet none worked as expected, the WB screen always gets opened in front, but in the process I manage to find a useful compromise.

Enters Visage...

I chose to use Visage because it can run from the Startup-Sequence before ENV:, datatypes, and monitors are available.

My previous boot picture (Booting.lha) used the fade effect of Visage, which looked nice but Visage also supports color cycling and since I finally managed to get DPaintIV running (somewhat) in OS4, I decided to take advantage of that to add some life to the picture by using color cycles to simulate animation.

Even if you don't like that particular picture, take it as an example of the possibilites offered by color cycling and make your own.

I don't think that image has the potential to finance the second stone of my upcoming Evil Empire, so I'll just place it in the public domain and keep on dreaming of Amiga-powered world domination. Muhahaha. ;-)

(Alex Carmona)

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