Various Artists

Calvin And Hobbes – The Revenge of The Blob

This is the story of Calvin's encounter with his mother's food, and how the dreaded tapioca monster gets its own back on Calvin for turning his nose up at it. An animated interpretation of the original cartoon strip by Bill Watterson.

I live in South Africa and became the proud owner of a CD-TV last year. I also bought the Fred Fish Collection on CD-ROM and have spent many happy hours wandering through the abundance of software. I was particularily impressed by Eric Schwartz's animations and decided to attempt my own creation. I borrowed one of my work's Amigas, (that's what I do for a living – medical illustration – using the Amiga) and over the Christmas holidays, December 1992 to January 1993, created this little gem. The character is the original creation of Bill Watterson as is the basic concept, but the animation is 100% my doing!

Used programs: DeluxePaint IV, MovieSetter and AudioMaster II with a sound digitiser (for capturing various sounds that I couldn't source elsewhere for a high-pitched squeaky voice and blowing bubbles in a bucket of water).

(David Wiles)

© Walter Randelshofer. All rights reserved. Animations used under permission.