Various Artists

Flying Lessons

Starring Bob

«Flying Lessons» is my first animation on the Amiga and it was inspired by the lovely 2 meg I had when I upgraded from an A500 to an A1200. It took about 4 solid (and I mean solid) and lonely days to do. It has around 1400 frames and runs at 8 frames/second.

This is actually a cut down version of the animation I first did (it has a little bit cut off the end (not much!)) because I was happily filling up 2 meg of memory in Dpaint and then found that it wouldn't fit on one disk (Silly me! (look, don't take the mick)) so I split it up and put it onto two disks.

As soon as I find the software to join these two pieces together and run them both consecutively I may try and release that in PD so keep a look out! (some sound would be nice too eh!). If anyone knows of any progs to do this (prefferebly PD, my student grant probably won't stretch to another piece of full price software) please contact me.

If anyone would like to give me lots and lots of money to supplement my grant (there must be one out there) or your name is Mr Disney and you wish to give me a highly paid job please drop me a line.

(Steve Attewell)

© Walter Randelshofer. All rights reserved. Animations used under permission.