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The Ninja Ant from the Next Dimension! The Intercosmotic Stellar Feller! He's all that! And more! Or something!

This is my first MovieSetter animation, I started it about a year ago (?) and had it almost finished within a few days, but just recently put the final touches on. This is a parody of the intro animation from Zool CD32, but if you haven't seen that, don't worry, because I'll describe it to you: Ok, so there's Zool, right? In his ship, no less. And it's spiralling downwards. Then Zool's on this barren tan rocky planet, sitting outside his crashed ship, and he gets out those sword things of his and twirls around for a while. Then all of a sudden Zool's in candyland. Did we miss something?

Anyway, most of the artwork was done in DPaint, but the final touches were made with Brilliance. I used MovieSetter because there just aren't any other animation programs like it. A good, fast, AGA, easier to use program is needed badly!

(Alan Mackey)

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