Various Artists

Amiga Boing Ball

39-frames at 368*283 (PAL LowRes OverScan).

This is a nice LowRes raytracing animation i've done with the great Cinema4Dv4PRO, from german AMIGAPLUS magazine CD-ROM.

Machine used: AMIGA 1200 w/ Blizzard 1230 IV at 50 MHz :-( CoPro 68882 at 50 MHz, 26 MB RAM, HD.

Rendering time: ca. 15 hrs (all frames).

Settings: Lowres OScan / Lensflares An / Spiegelung, Brechung Alle / AAlias Kante+Farbe 2*2.

Animation build with TrueBrilliance2.0, played with Mainactor (for me).

(Frank Brandis)

© Walter Randelshofer. All rights reserved. Animations used under permission.