Clive Probert

Cylinder-Boink, an Atari Animation by Clive Probert

Install the Java Plug-in to see the animation!


CYBOINK is an animation by Clive Probert (dated July 1992). Entitled 'Cylinder-Boink' this animation shows a cylinder set in a wall of a room. The cylinder spits out mirrored balls which bounce across the room and out of view.

This animation was entered into the 'Toronto Atari Show' (ACE 92) contest and won second place (I can see why ... this is well done!). Created using his program, 'The Real Ray Tracer v.2.0' this animation requires a color monitor and at least one meg of RAM to run. Cylinder-Boink is made with 25 pictures, each one taking about 2 hours to make.

Clive Probert about the awards ceremony at the Ace Show: «I was showing the program but the sound system was not working, and the whole audience provided the sound effects with 'Boink ... ... ... Boink ... ... Boink ... Boink ... Boink .. Boink .. Boink . Boink . Boink ... ...'.»

In the original demo a flipping program was used to animate the pictures. You first are faced with a dark screen and a slow 'boinking' sound. Then the screen gets a bit lighter and you can see the cylinder and the balls. The speed of the balls increases and decreases throughout the animation.

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