Dave St. Martin

Animated Water Bird Demo, an Atari Animation by Dave St. Martin

Install the Java Plug-in to see the animation!

Animated Water Bird Demo

DRNK_BRD by Dave St. Martin is a .SEQ animation of one of those old bobbing drinking bird toys. Watch it bob up and down and 'drink' water from a glass. You even get ripples in the water!

This was my first major undertaking using CAD-3D, CYBER CONTROL, and CYBER PAINT from Antic Software. I really must put in a 'plug' for their outstanding software – the potential this stuff presents is limitless.

The original idea for the water bird demo came from a recently released videotape entitled 'The Future of Computer Animation' which I picked up at my local video rental store. I presented the videotape at a ST Atari League of San Antonio (SALSA) meeting and remarked that the effects shown on the videotape were possible with the CYBER products. The disbelieving looks I got motivated me to take this concept as seen on the videotape and reproduce it using the ST.

Ultimately I plan to add rotation of the head, a wink, and couple drops of water from the beak accompanied by the ripple effect in the water glass. The ripples in the animation were added following the basic animation through the use of CYBER PAINT.

Thanks ANTIC!!!

(Dave St. Martin)

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