Maurice Molyneaux

Buzzing Bee – Cartoon Design Disk Demo Animation, an Atari Animation by Maurice Molyneaux

Install the Java Plug-in to see the animation!

Buzzing Bee – Cartoon Design Disk Demo Animation

A looped animation of a bee with scripted head movements.

The 'Cartoon Design Disk' for the 'CAD-3D 2.0 (Cyber Studio)' modeling and rendering program focused on animation techniques for 3D cartoon characters. It was shipped with three human characters, a humanoid rabbit, three different cartoon insects (reminiscent of the bee in Lucasfilm's seminal computer animated short film Andre and Wally Bee) and a whimsical automaton called Autogyro. Cyber Control scripts were included for scripting each character, along with extensive documentation. The scripts would create the animation from there. This allowed to create for example walking 3D human characters with scripted head movments and facial expressions.

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