Maurice Molyneaux

Klingon Calamity

This animation depicts a Klingon D-7 battlecruiser under fire from an Excelsior class Federation starship. The animation was created to test some explosion effects.


The animation was created using several programs. The starships are 3-D models constructed in Cyber Sculpt and the flyby passes were rendered with CAD-3D 2 (using a Cyber Control script). The explosion effects ... for me to know and you to find out.

Notes on This Version

To make this animation runable on a 1-megabyte ST system the entire file was 'letterboxed', with the top 46 and bottom 46 lines of the picture being blacked out. This reduced the total amount of memory taken by the animation from almost 1-meg to under 700 K! I was careful to make sure nothing important was cut off, so all you really lose is part of the opening 'flyover' of the Klingon Battlecruiser, bits of the phaser beams, and parts of the explosion.

(Maurice Molyneaux)

© Walter Randelshofer. All rights reserved. Animations used under permission.