Maurice Molyneaux

NCC-1701-D Entering Spacedock, an Atari Animation by Maurice Molyneaux

Install the Java Plug-in to see the animation!

NCC-1701-D Entering Spacedock

This animation depicts the Galaxy Class U.S.S. Enterprise entering a spacedock. The view is from within the dock, looking at the open doors through which the Enterprise enters. The flyby is nice enough, but the real point of this otherwise tedious exercise was to create a realistic 'shadow' element, which you will notice (how could you not?) as the ship passes from the bright light outside the dock into the shadowy dock interior. The shadow rolls realistically across the ship.


The animation was created using several programs. The Enterprise was a 3-D model constructed in Cyber Sculpt (it's a 53K object) and the flyby pass of it was rendered with CAD-3D (using a Cyber Control script). Two separate passes of the starship were rendered, one with bright lighting the second with dim lighting. In the 'dim' version the starship model was moded through a 'matte block' which represented the terminator between the internal and external lighting. The 'matte' was separated out using Cyber Paint, and then the two ship elements were matted together, shadow pass over bright. Finally, a picture of the spacedock interior and starfield were underlain under the animation, and a small 'patch' of spacedock wall overlain on top of the entire mess so that the Enterprise didn't fly in FRONT of the wall it was passing behind!

If you think this sounds complicated, don't worry... it is. The rendering took over 16 hours on the Enterprise shadow pass alone!

(Maurice Molyneaux)

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