Maurice Molyneaux

NCC-1701-D In-Warp, an Atari Animation by Maurice Molyneaux

Install the Java Plug-in to see the animation!

NCC-1701-D In-Warp

This animation depicts the Galaxy Class U.S.S. Enterprise cruising through space (at about warp 7). The ship itself does not move in the animation (otherwise it would not be able to 'loop' smoothly), but the background DOES, with a multi-layered starfield whizzing by at warp velocity, complete with the Next Generation's customary streaked-star effect.


The animation was created using several programs. The Enterprise was a 3-D model constructed in Cyber Sculpt (it's a 53K object) and a static image of it was rendered with CAD-3D. The starfield was created using CAD-3D, Cyber Control, and the Cyber Star accessory (by Paul Dana). Six separate star 'elements' were created for the effect, and matted together using Cyber Paint (five elements for the streaked stars, one for the non-streaked ones). A stationary background 'plate', was 'painted' using Cyber Paint, and running lights and blue glow around the Enterprise's magnetomic warp field generators were added using the same software.


In FACT, The animation has been 'trimmed', that is, the top and bottom of each frame was 'cut off' in order to cut the file down to a size that would work on 1-meg STs! That's the reason for the 'widescreen' format.

(Maurice Molyneaux)

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