Oliver Saalfeld


WERWELTV by Oliver Seefeld is a .SEQ animation that illustrates Robert Stallman's fantasy trilogy 'Werwelt'. The trilogy is about a young, orphaned shapeshifter who is adopted by a farm family and must learn to live in a human body. The narrator is the 'beast' – its consciousness is separate from that of the human boy. Interesting conceit.

The werewolf is a creature of the night, a solitary, fur-covered thing. A wild-eyed, five clawed beast with a taste for blood and the soft crunch of bone between the teeth. But as little Robert, the werewolf has been adopted by a kindly farmer and his wife. Neither Robert nor the monster could control the shifting of its form, and always, the emerged beast lurked within, ready to spring for the throat.

© Walter Randelshofer. All rights reserved. Animations used under permission.