Maurice Molyneaux

BuzzBee, an IBM Compatibles Animation by Maurice Molyneaux

Install the Java Plug-in to see the animation!


A looped animation of a busy bee created with 'Autodesk Animator'.

Autodesk Animator was a 2D animation and painting program created in 1989 by Yost group for Autodesk (makers of 'AutoCAD' and '3D Studio Max') and ran on a PC under MS-DOS. It was debuted at SIGGRAPH 1989, and won the PC Magazine 6th Annual Technical Excellence Award for Graphics that same year. 'Animator' ran in 320 x 200 pixels with a maximum of 64 colors. 'Animator Pro' ran in almost any resolution (max. 64 K x 64 K pixels) and supported up to 256 colors. 'Animator Studio' was a re-write for Windows that attempted to do a lot more, with limited success. Animator Pro was by far the most useful, and was exceptionally fast compared with today's animation programs. It was one of the very few DOS programs that could use all the memory in your computer. Its combination of twenty tools multiplied by twenty inks, 3D 'optics', unparalleled palette handling, custom scripts and many other useful features (such as its own internal scripting language POCO), put it years ahead of better known 'animation' tools of the time.

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