Rainbow Arts

Turrican 3 – Teaser 1

The first teaser animation for the never released PC (MS-DOS) and Archimedes version of 'Turrican 3'.

This game of the Turrican series was initially designed for the Mega Drive/Genesis by 'Factor 5', and later followed by an Amiga port under the title of 'Turrican 3: Payment Day'. However, despite not being the original, the Amiga version was the one that was first commercially released in 1993, published by 'Rainbow Arts' in Germany and 'Renegade' in the rest of Europe. The Mega Drive version called 'Mega Turrican' did not have a publisher and stayed unreleased from spring 1993 until 1994, when 'Data East' took over its worldwide distribution. While a version for the Amiga CD32 was also planned but dropped later, 'Turrican 3' a fan-game for the C64 was released in August 2004 by 'Smash Designs'.

Turrican is the name of a shooter game created by Manfred Trenz. The series started in 1989 on the Commodore 64 with a demo level of the full game which was released in 1990. Turrican became very popular due to its high technical achievements, demonstrating graphics which many did not believe to be possible on a C64. The Amiga port which followed later was a graphical and musical revolution and set new game standards for a long time. The Turrican series are also well known for the quality of their soundtracks. The most notable is the 'Turrican 2' soundtrack for Amiga, composed by Chris Hülsbeck.

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