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Manipulating 3D objects with a 2D user interface

by werner on September 2nd, 2007

I have updated my Virtual Rubik’s Cube Applets.

Virtual Rubik’s Cube

Now, when the mouse pointer is moved over an active area of the cube, it turns into a hand symbol.When the mouse pointer is dragged, it turns into a move symbol, visualizing that the dragging has an effect on the 3d shape.I still haven’t changed the twisting behavior of the applet: the cube can still be twisted using mouse clicks.Several other cube applets allow twisting by dragging the mouse pointer over the stickers. Like the famous Rubik’s Unbound applet by Carl Hörnell.While I think its nice having a user interface that closely mimicks reality, I think one should take into account that the mouse is an input device for a two dimensional interface.

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