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Visualizing large tree structures

by werner on September 24th, 2007

This weekend and the last one I experimented with visualizations of large tree structures (200’000 nodes and more). I tried out 5 different visualization forms:

  • Hyperbolic Tree – Projects a tree on a curved surface.
  • Sunburst Tree – Projects a tree on a disk.
  • Icicle Tree – A linear version of the Sunburst tree.
  • Sunray Tree – A variation of Sunburst which puts leaf nodes on rays.
  • Iceray Tree – The linear version of Sunray.

Hyperbolic Tree

Check them out here. So far I am not happy with the results. All these visualizations don’t work well, if a single tree node has more than some hundred children. I am putting this project on ice for now, and continue when I get some better ideas…

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