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CubeTwister 2 alpha 28

by werner on January 4th, 2008

CubeTwister a software which can be used as a companion for a number of Rubik’s Cube-like puzzles.

This is one of my slow burning programming projects. Usually, I only work on it during the Christmas period and Eastern period and let it lay aside during the rest of the year.

Version 2 of CubeTwister is my most ambitious project ever. I am working on this version since 2005 now, and haven’t managed to get past alpha releases yet.

To give you an idea on how complex this software is: This year, I spent about one week just to get the output of permutation cycles working. If you look at the screenshot below, the ‘permutation cycles’ is the cryptic text which is shown in the information field on the lower right of the window.

Cubetwister 2 alpha 28

I literally spent months for each of the other elements on the window.

Hopefully, by this year’s christmas, I’ll get a beta version working.
Isn’t that a nice New Year’s resolution?

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