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Improved V-Cube 7 Applet

by werner on August 29th, 2008

Here is a screenshot of my new V-Cube 7 Applet:V-Cube 7 with curved faces

You can try out the applet here.

I have applied the curvature of six spheres to the faces of the cube.
On the edges I am applying the spheres at a slightly lower ratio.

I am not sure, whether the design of the V-Cube is based on spheres as well – they might be based on Hyperbolics – but I think the applet looks quite accurate.

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  1. imker permalink

    you know a place in switzerland to get
    the actual physical v-cube?

  2. No, I don’t know of a store which sells them in Switzerland. You can order V-Cubes one from the official V-Cube web-site – they ship to Switzerland.

  3. Chris G permalink

    I love the applet! And by the way, you were correct to use spheres instead of hyperbolics. From the v-cube website:

    The constraint in the value of N<6,82 can be overcome if the planar faces of the cube become spherical parts of long radius. Therefore, the final solid with N=7 and more layers loses the classical geometrical cubic shape, that with six planar surfaces, but from N=7 to N=11 the six solid faces are no longer planar but spherical, of long radius compared to the cube dimensions, the shape of said spherical surfaces being almost planar, as the rise of the solid faces from the ideal level, is about 5% of the side length of the ideal cube.

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