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Amiga animations with color cycling

by werner on December 26th, 2009

In the last few days I added support for Amiga CRNG color cycling to MultiShow and ANIMApplet.

Color cycling is a technique for creating an animation by cycling a range of colors in the color palette.

I have uploaded the gorgeous “Riding” animation from the game “Defender of the crown” to my web site.


This animation contains both a sequence of video frames and color cycling.
Using the buttons at the left of the video controller you can start and stop them individually. – Enjoy.

For those who are interested into the technical details: the format is described in the Amiga Rom Kernel Reference Manual. Devices. Third Edition. Addison Wesley (1991).

The Amiga IFF ANIM and IFF ILBM file formats define two data chunks for color cycling: the older CCRT chunk (Commodore Graphicraft Color Cycling Range and Timing) and the newer CRNG chunk (Color Register Range).

I have only implemented the latter, as I only have files using this chunk. Contact me if you have a file which uses CRNG color cycling. I would love to implement color cycling for this format as well.

Update 2010-01-07: In the meantime, my brother, Walter, has updated many of the Amiga animations on our web-site to display the color cycling. 😎

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