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CubeTwister user interface update

by werner on December 22nd, 2009

I have updated the user interface of CubeTwister under Windows.

It looks now almost like on Mac OS X:

The blue area on the left is used for navigation. The white area in the middle contains the main content (the Rubik’s Cube) and the gray area on the right is used for settings.

I hope people don’t mind that I am using a number of design principles of the Apple Human Interface Guidelines on Windows. I couldn’t find a similar concept in the Windows User Interaction Guide.

Honestly, I think since Windows Vista and more so in Windows 7 the “Windows User Experience” has become a complete mess. It doesn’t provide guidance anymore, because everything is permitted. For example, there is no consistent location for the load and save commands. In some applications, they are in the menu bar, in others they are in the toolbar, or in the title bar, or in the ribbon, or tucked under a “Tools” button or some other place.

  1. Looks great Werner! I agree that there is a lot less conformity on Windows, though I’m not sure why. Microsoft has a thorough UI guideline, which I find comprehensive (check out this section on Layout for example). Perhaps developers as less apt to follow the guidelines on Windows? Or perhaps there is less external pressure from customers to follow them?

  2. Hi Ken,

    My complaint is not about the lack of comprehensiveness.
    I think they promote too many different concepts. For me, this is not a guide – its a super market of design choices.

    For example if I flip through the screen shots given in the Layout section that you mentioned,
    I can hardly see a concept that was kept throughout. Except for the red close button in the window frame…

    Every application which ever ran on Windows, somehow fits into the layout guidelines given here. 😉

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