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JHotDraw 7.6 released

by werner on January 10th, 2011

I have released JHotDraw 7.6 yesterday.

This release only does minor tweaks in the drawing framework. My focus was on overall robustness of the code and on cleaning up the framework for creating menu bars.

To improve the robustness of JHotDraw, I have adopted FindBugs annotations. Most packages of JHotDraw define the @NonNull annotation as the default for all classes, fields and methods. Fields, method parameters and return values which can be set to null are annotated individually with @Nullable. I ran JHotDraw through the FindBugs static code analyzer and fixed all potentially ‘harmful’ issues, that the tool discovered and I deemed important.

In the application framework, menus are now generated in small logical groups by the new interface MenuBuilder. A JHotDraw Application can piece the groups together into JMenuBar(s) and JPopupMenu(s) to build the user interface of the application.

Updated JavaDoc and change documentation (generated with JDiff) is available on my JHotDraw 7 pages.

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