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Amiga Animations

The animation pages present a large collection of hand drawn and computer generated animations from the late eighties and early nineties. The majority of the animations have been created on Amiga and Atari ST computers.

Neko the Cat

The little kitten Neko chases the mouse cursor around the desktop. Once she's over it and the mouse doesn't move she'll prepare to take a nap. If the mouse goes outside the desktop she will reach the border and try to dig for it. She'll eventually give up, and fall asleep.

Neko.jar This is an executable Java file that you can download and double click to start. You can click on the cat to stop the program.

Neko is my adaptation of the open source Java Applet "Java Neko" by Chris Parent. See this Wikipedia article for more information about Neko.

Rubik's Cube

The Rubik's Cube pages feature a large collection of Pretty Patterns and Virtual Cubes created by popular cube designers. The cubes are ranging from 2x2x2 up to 7x7x7 models. All cubes are interactive, some can even be disassembled.

Animated Cubes are bringing them to life with with precomputed or real time generated algorithms.

This page also contains a bunch of cube tools such as Script Applets and powerfull solvers for NxNxN cubes. The fast Super Cube Solver by André Boulouard solves 2x2x2 thru 7x7x7 cubes from a scramble algorithm in SSE or WCA notation.

Earth View

This is one of the first Java applets, I ever made. Use EarthView to view a wireframe model of the Earth from any angle you like.

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