Monte Media Library

The Monte Media Library is a Java library for processing media data. Supported media formats include still images, video, audio and meta-data.

This is an experimental library for my personal studies!

This library has some overlap in functionality with the Java Media Framework (JMF). For some codecs, the Monte Media Library provides wrappers, which allow to use them with JMF. However, in general, Monte Media is not compatible with JMF.

Demo Applications

Most demos consist of an executable JAR file which also includes the source code. On some platforms, you can double click the JAR file to execute the demo, on others, you can start it with the command java -jar nameofdemo.jar

To get the source code, rename the file to and unzip it.

Screen Recorder

Creates a screen recording with audio and stores it in a movie file.

The demo code is located in the package org.monte.screenrecorder


Click the launch button to start the recorder:


Movie Converter

Converts a movie from one file format into another.

This advanced demo demonstrates the use of codec chains, and the ability for processing stereo videos created with the Fujifilm Real 3D W1 camera.

Click the launch button to start the demo:


Movie Maker

This demo creates a QuickTime movie from a folder with image files and an audio file.

The movie is written with the QuickTimeWriter class.

The demo code is located in the class org.monte.moviemaker.MovieMakerMain



Movie Player

Uses a Monte Media codec in JMF. This player can play back videos created with the Screen Recorder demo.

This demo demonstrates the use of a Monte Media codec with JMF.


For a more complex example take a look at MultiShow.

AVI File I/O

This demo creates a video file for each available AVI codec. The video files are written into the current directory.

The demo draws a simple animation sequence into a BufferedImage and then writes it into an AVI file using the AVIWriter class. Then it reads the movie with the AVIReader class.

The demo code is located in the class org.monte.avidemo.Main.



Movie Concatenation

This demo concatenates multiple movie files.


java -jar ConcatDemo.jar -o outputfile -i inputfile1 inputfile2 ...

Reading and writing is performed with the MovieReader and MovieWriter classes.

The demo code is located in the class org.monte.iodemo.ConcatDemoMain.




This is a small demonstration of the CMYK-support for JPEG images provided by class CMYKJPEGImageReader.

CMYKDemo-2.0.jar (for Java 8 and 9)

CMYKDemo.jar (for Java 6 to 8)


License Terms

Use of the Monte Media Library is free for all uses (non-commercial, commercial and educational) under the terms of Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 (CC BY 3.0).

Attribution: Please leave an attribution to me in the source files.

If you have a feature request, or if you want to honour my work, send me a donation or an Amazon gift card.

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