JHotDraw 7: Introduction

JHotDraw 7 defines a Java framework for structured drawing editors and for document-oriented applications. The two frameworks can be used independently of each other.

The framework for structured drawing editors can be used to realize drawing editors for sketches, diagrams, and artistic drawings. Drawings can be animated and interactive. It is possible to back a drawing with a data model, allowing a structured drawing editor to be used as a user interface for a data model.

The framework for document-oriented applications can be used to create applications which comply to platform-specific user interface guidelines. Such as the Apple Human Interface Guidelines and the Windows Vista User Experience Guidelines.

History of JHotDraw 7

JHotDraw 7 is based on Erich Gamma's JHotDraw, which is copyright 1996, 1997 by IFA Informatik and Erich Gamma.

JHotDraw 7 is a major departure from previous versions of JHotDraw – only the cornerstones of the original architecture remain. The API and almost every part of the implementation have been reworked to take advantage of the Java SE 6 platform.

JHotDraw 7 has been developed in 2004–2011 by Werner Randelshofer.


The aim of making the original JHotDraw an open-source project is:

Any developer and software designer who wants to contribute is welcome!


The latest version of JHotDraw 7 is available for download at: http://sourceforge.net/projects/jhotdraw

Online Information

JHotDraw 7

More documentation about older versions of JHotDraw can be found here:

Get Involved

JHotDraw is hosted on SourceForge. You can have a look at the internal JHotDraw developer web page and register as developer at SourceForge. Please contact one of the admins for the JHotDraw project to get added as a developer.