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API Differences

Between JHotDraw 7.2 and JHotDraw 7.3.1

Changed Packages
net.n3.nanoxml Provides a patched version of the NanoXML XML library.

Defines a framework for document oriented applications and provides default implementations. Provides default actions for document oriented applications.
org.jhotdraw.beans Provides an abstract JavaBeans Bean class.

Defines a framework for structured drawing editors and provides default implementations.

org.jhotdraw.draw.action Provides default actions for structured drawing editors.
org.jhotdraw.gui Provides general purpose graphical user interface classes leveraging the javax.swing package.
org.jhotdraw.gui.datatransfer Provides general purpose clipboard support classes leveraging the java.awt.datatransfer package and the javax.jnlp package.
org.jhotdraw.gui.event Provides general purpose graphical user interface event classes.
org.jhotdraw.gui.plaf.palette PaletteLookAndFeel for components used in the palette windows of a drawing editor. A collection of very small sample programs, demonstrating a partical feature of JHotDraw.
Provides the NodeFigure for network diagrams.
Provides figures for ODG drawings. Classes for reading and writing drawings using the Open Documeng Graphics file format.

A sample drawing editor with limited support for Scalable Vector Graphics Mobile 1.2 (SVG Mobile 1.2).

Provides the figures for the SVG basic shapes.

Provides the Graphical user interface classes for the SVG sample application. Classes for reading and writing drawings using the Scalable Vector Graphics SVG Mobile 1.2 file format.

Provides text formatters for data types used in drawing editor tool bars.

org.jhotdraw.util Contains general purpose utility classes.
org.jhotdraw.util.prefs Contains preferences classes leveraging the java.util.prefs package.

Provides simple input and output classes from/to document models (DOM).

org.jhotdraw.xml.css Provides support for cascading style sheets (CSS) in XML DOM.