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Package org.jhotdraw.draw

Removed Classes
CompositeTransformEdit CompositeTransformEdit.
GeometryEdit GeometryEdit.
Options Options.
RestoreDataEdit RestoreDataEdit.
RoundRectangleRadiusUndoableEdit RoundRectangleRadiusUndoableEdit.
TriangleRotationHandler A Handle to rotate a TriangleFigure Based on RadiusHandle

Added Classes
CompositeFigureEdit A CompositeEdit which invokes {@code figure.willChange} and {@code figure.changed} when undoing or redoing a change.
CurvedLiner A Liner that constrains a connection to a curved line.
DrawingEditorProxy DrawingEditorProxy.
OrientationHandle A Handle to change the value of the figure attribute org.jhotdraw.draw.AttributeKeys.ORIENTATION.
TransformRestoreEdit An {@code UndoableEdit} event which can undo a lossy transform of a single Figure by restoring the figure using its transform restore data.

Changed Classes and Interfaces
AbstractAttributedCompositeFigure This abstract class can be extended to implement a CompositeFigure which has its own attribute put.
AbstractAttributedFigure This abstract class can be extended to implement a Figure which has its own attribute put.
AbstractCompositeFigure This abstract class can be extended to implement a CompositeFigure.
AbstractDrawing This abstract class can be extended to implement a Drawing.
AbstractHandle This abstract class can be extended to implement a Handle.
AttributeKey An attribute key provides typesafe access to an attribute of a Figure.
AttributeKeys Defines a put of well known Figure attributes.
BezierFigure A Figure which draws an opened or a closed bezier path.
CloseHandle A Handle which requests to remove its owning figure when clicked.
DefaultDrawing A default implementation of Drawing useful for drawings which contain only a few figures.
DefaultDrawingEditor A default implementation of DrawingEditor.
DefaultDrawingView A default implementation of DrawingView suited for viewing drawings with a small number of figures.
DefaultDrawingViewTransferHandler Default TransferHandler for DrawingView objects.
Drawing A drawing is a container for Figures.
DrawingEditor A drawing editor coordinates drawing tools and drawing views.
Figure A figure is a graphical element of a Drawing.
GraphicalCompositeFigure The GraphicalCompositeFigure fills in the gap between a CompositeFigure and other figures which mainly have a presentation purpose.
LabeledLineConnectionFigure A LineConnection with labels.
LineConnectionFigure A ConnectionFigure which connects two figures using a bezier path.
QuadTreeDrawing An implementation of Drawing which uses a org.jhotdraw.geom.QuadTree to provide a good responsiveness for drawings which contain many figures.
RoundRectangleFigure A Figure with a rounded rectangular shape.